I have admired Masao's work for a long time and am now incredibly blessed to be able to have her both a really close friend and wonderful host. We share a common love for many characters including but not limited to Allelujah (Gundam 00), Raikou (Nabari no Ou), Hiroto (Inazuma Eleven), and many more ♥ and Masao is always patient, understanding, and supportive no matter what the situation is.

online buddies

Chrissy is both an old online and offline friend and I never ever get tired of her company!~ Even though we didn't exactly follow the same series until recently we have had a similar life path in terms of school and future goals. And when we nerd out at 2am in the morning, great things happen.

Elysa and I originally met through TCGs years back and we later crossed paths again while running fanlistings. It's amazing how well the web can keep us connected and I am thankful everyday we are now close LJ and twitter buddies. ♥

Janice has been like a big sister to me ever since I had my first blog/venture into the online world years back and she still remains a wonderful voice of reason and knowledge today!

Loika has always awed me with her artistic talent, humility, and sincerity. From her amazing maturity, I had assumed she was many years my senior until a funny day a year or so ago when I found out we were about the same age! :D

Noah is such a talented, humble, down-to-earth friend who I had the honor of meeting through cosplay. I always get uplifted and inspired by the work she does. She is beautiful inside and out, just like the costumes, fashion design, art, and photography she creates! ♥

Rai is awesomeness wrapped in one person - she does inspiring cosplay and is a wonderfully talented singer. Above all, she is an incredibly wise and caring friend. Her music always brightens my day or inspires me to believe in magic! Thanks for being the best senpai in the world! ♥

I came across Rykea's beautiful domain several years back and I'm thankful to this day I got a chance to meet her and become good LJ friends. Rykea has always been understanding, supportive, and warm. :)

Sarah is a pillar of strength and kindess whom I first met through fanlistings but has since become one of my most steadfast friends! :) She's reached out to me during those days when I wasn't super active online and it simply means the world to me.

I met Shinju through Masao when we roomed together at Anime Expo. It was an incredibly fun experience! We share similar outlooks on life and she is one of THE most sincere and sweet people I have ever had the honor of meeting!

I met Teresa through Chrissy one day on msn when we realized we were all Chinese webdesigners! *laughs* Teresa has proved to be a lovely conversation buddy~ She's helped introduce me to quite a few lovely visual novels and and animes :D


I love meeting fellow personal site owners! Please don't hesitate to inquire about affiliation!

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